Image Transfer Tray: October 21st 10am-12pm

Rustic Chic Interiors

  • $ 55.00

This class will be led by the certified paint professionals at Rustic Chic Interiors.Each student will receive one round wood block that they will paint, glaze and stencil and then add handles to create a functional tray to take home. 

Students will start out by painting both sides of their wood block. While this is drying, students will select from a variety of images to transfer onto their wood block. The instructor will demo and then students will follow how to apply your transfer. 

While this is drying, a "mini module" will be taught, where students will be able to paint a mason jar and learn the technique of dry brushing. 

Students will then come back to their painted trays and reveal their image transfer, as led by the instructor. 

If time remaining in class, students will then glaze their wood trays. 

*The Blended Bakery will be set up downstairs during this class.

All workshops are held at Rustic Chic Interiors located at 207 West Main Street in Lexington, SC. All classes are held UPSTAIRS.